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About Ian Trusheim

Ian Trusheim is a musician, composer and instructor of music known for his versatility, adaptability and dedication. As a student with a life long commitment to the language of music, he will continue to create, collaborate, perform and educate for years to come.

Over the last decade, Ian has performed, recorded and composed with a variety of musicians combining elements of jazz, funk, latin american, soul, country, bluegrass, rock and roll, rhythm and blues, zydeco, gospel and folkloric music from across the globe.  Ian builds upon the work of his musical ancestors while also drawing inspirations from his contemporaries, carving a unique path of his own.

As a sideman, some of the musicians/groups Ian has recorded, toured or performed with include: Nick Waterhouse, Cory Henry, Adam Wakefield, Cris Jacobs, Victoria Vox, Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good, Marc Evans, Lafayette Gilchrest, Eze Jackson, Kentavius Jones, Ruut, Chester River Runoff, Eric Kennedy, Craig Alston, The Fruition Experience, Theljon Allen, Jordan August, Kevin Jackson, Thomas Clay, Will McMillan and The Crawdaddies.

Respecting the unique qualities in all people, Ian tailors his lessons to meet the individual needs and areas of interest for each of his students. He strives to provide them with a solid foundation of musical principles through knowledge of music theory, reading music, proper technique and listening.

Ian proudly endorses M Basses.



Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good - Ain't Never Had a Good Time


Kentavius Jones - Never Let Me Down


Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good - Spring


Ruut - Canyon



Stair Steps - Ian Trusheim

Got Soul - Brooks Long & The Mad Dog No Good




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